Akarian Rising – Part 4

Akarian continued to watch Craig as the brown haired man slouched on the chair beside him with his legs spread wide and a huge grin on his face. As he was about to question him Mavis came back out carrying a cup and a plate of something.

“Here you go sweetie even brought a few biscuits to go with your tea.” Akarian accepted the tea and biscuits awkwardly not knowing how to hold the cup properly. Back in his world he had no need for food or drink, he’d never eaten a thing in his entire life. It was as though it didn’t exist where he came from but here it was a completely different story. He had to put the cup down because his fingers were burning where he was holding it incorrectly.

“Thank you very much.”

“Ah your welcome you enjoy I’ll go fetch Dave.” She beamed at Akarian but as she turned she looked at Craig and frowned. She didn’t like him sitting there like he owned the place. Eventually Akarian figured out he needed to hold the handle to avoid burning himself. As he brought the hot drink to his lips he inhaled the scent but he couldn’t place it. He took a sip and as the heat spread across his tongue he shot up in his seat. ‘It’s glorious’ he thought. Craig narrowed his eyes as he watched Akarian drink the tea, it was almost as though the weirdo had never had a cup of tea before ‘Nut bag’ he thought to himself.

Akarian then moved onto the biscuits. He popped one into his mouth and his taste buds went wild. The cream in the middle coupled with the tangy raspberry jam had his senses reeling. It was heavenly to him, he’d never tasted anything as divine as this and he wanted more. He proceeded to eat the other 4 biscuits without taking a breath. “Ummmmmmmm.” He was making some weird noises while eating the biscuits which only made Craig shake his head.

Akarian had his eyes closed as he savoured every last mouthful of the biscuits. He didn’t notice as Dave approached him. Dave cleared his throat so as not to startle the man.

“Hello My names Dave, your Akarian is that correct?” Akarian jumped in his seat spilling some of the tea. “wooo it’s ok I’m the owner.” Dave put his hands up in front of him in a placating manner, he sensed Akarian was the jumpy type.

“I’m sorry about that. Yes my name is Akarian.”

Craig raised his hand and waved. “And I’m Craig the guy who found him.” Dave nodded at Craig but then shifted his attention back to Akarian.

“Ok Akarian why don’t you follow me, we’ll go have a chat in the back. Craig are you ok to wait here? If not Mavis will take your details and then you can go.”

“Yeah I’ll wait, I’m just popping outside for a fag though but I’ll be back. Good luck mate.” He patted Akarian on the back and headed out the door. Akarian rose slowly so as not to spill his cup of tea. He followed Dave through into the back where he was shown a chair. He took a seat. He was incredibly nervous about this part because he knew he was to be questioned. The problem was his mother had given him no instructions except to witness. He now realised he was going to have to lie if his secret was to remain safe however he had never told a lie in his entire 557 years, it wasn’t within his nature to lie but he also knew that humans knowing of his existence was not an option. It was forbidden and so with that knowledge he tried to steel himself for the lies he would have to tell.

‘Forgive me mother.’ He said to himself. Shame and guilt flashed through his body but it couldn’t be helped. Dave sat across from him leaning on the desk holding a flip chart and a pen.

“So Akarian what is your surname?” Even this question threw Akarian off guard he tried to think of a name but it was as though his mind went blank. He had to say something or it would look even stranger for him not to know his own name.

“Angel.” Dave’s eyebrows rose at the answer.

“Akarian Angel yes?”

“Yes that’s correct my parents are I mean were religious.” He grimaced he knew he was going to be caught out, why had he said Angel, he wanted to scream at himself but he had to appear as normal as possible.

“You said were? ”

“Yes they died when I was young.”

“I’m sorry for your loss. Do you have a next of kin we can contact perhaps a brother or sister?” Akarian nearly answered that he had hundreds of brothers and sisters but he couldn’t reveal that to this man it would only raise suspicion.

“No no siblings or other family it’s just me.”

“And where do you live?” ‘In the sky’, thought Akarian.

“I have no home, I’m a traveller.” Akarian nodded at his owns words yes that was exactly what he was, a traveller on a quest.

“And how old are you Akarian.” Again Akarian’s mind went blank, he looked around the room as if he could pull a number from something he saw.

“I’m 30.”

“And when is your birthday?”

“My birthday is …” how did you translate your age when you were born in a place that didn’t live by time as humans knew it but he knew the human calendar, he knew it well. “1st January 1983.” Sweat began to bead on his forehead as the questions kept coming. He shifted in his seat and looked around, he couldn’t look this man in the eyes and outright lie to him.

Dave could tell Akarian was getting distressed so he decided to move things along. He needed to make him relaxed and comfortable. “Good ok I think I have most of the information we can fill in the rest later. Let’s get you something to eat and some clothes. Follow me.” Dave led Akarian to a store room where he kept all of the donated clothing items. He selected a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket he thought would fit Akarian. He then handed him some underwear and a pair of socks. “What size shoe are you?”

Akarian didn’t think the questioning could get any worse but it just did he had no idea. He’d never had to wear shoes before, where he came from all the men were barefooted. He could only shrug, he was getting extremely stressed but because he’d never felt that before he didn’t know how to react. He wanted to run, to get away from this man with all the questions who kept frowning at him. He felt tired and alone.

“Ok well try these on.” Dave handed him a pair of size 11 reebok trainers. Akarian put them on but didn’t do up the laces, he didn’t know how to tie a lace. The good thing was they fit him.

“They fit thank you. I I do not have any money for these items is there anything I can do to repay you, perhaps a job?” Dave just stared at him with a strange look on his face. ‘Oh god the guy isn’t coming onto me is he?’ he thought to himself.

“Don’t worry about that these are donations you do not need to pay for them. We have a hostel across the road where we’ll be able to give you a bed for the night and then tomorrow we can figure out the rest. I’ll leave you a moment to get dressed and then we can go back to your friend.” With a strained smile at Akarian Dave walked out of the room and shut the door.

Akarian sighed and felt his shoulders slumped. He’d been here less than a day and already he felt defeated. He dried himself with the towel as best he could then he put on the clothes. The jeans were the hardest to get on because his legs were not fully dry but he managed and they seemed to fit ok. He left his laces undone but tucked them inside the shoe so no one could see he hadn’t done them up. When he was ready he took a deep breath and joined Dave in the hall way. Wearing the shoes was really strange but funnily enough they were comfortable. He wiggled his toes a bit as he walked trying to get used to them.

“Do you feel a bit better now?” quested Dave.

“Yes thank you.” Dave nodded and led him back to the foyer where Craig was still slouched in the chair reading a magazine.

“Ahhh your back and dressed looking good mate ish. So what now then?”

“Akarian take a seat for me I just need to have a word with Craig here.” He beckoned Craig with his thumb and pointed to the reception desk. In a lowered tone he said “So where did you find him?”

“He walked out of the bloody sea and sort of collapsed on the beach, I mean can you fucking believe that he went swimming in this weather.”

“I see and you just brought him here you don’t know him or have ever seen him before?”

“Nope never seen him before but he’s a weird one I’ll tell ya that much never seen anyone enjoy a biscuit as much as him. He’s got to have been living on the streets for a while cos he necked a bottle of water in seconds and rammed those biscuits down his throat just as quick.”

“Ok well I’m going to get him set up at the hostel across the road and we’ll see how it goes.”

“Wicked is it ok for me to come and see him tomorrow, I’m meeting a chick here she helped me get him here.”

“Yes of course, it’s just across the road there.” Turning they went back to Akarian who looked like a scared little boy. He was still gripping his empty tea cup and staring into it as if he could magically make it refill. With sad eyes he looked up.

“Come with me, we’re heading across the road.”

“Ok Thank you.”

“Right mate I’m offsky but I’ll be back tomorrow about one got to meet that Cara chick ain’t I.” Craig laughed again immensely happy with himself. Akarian felt better knowing Craig was coming back to see him, he was at least familiar with him. He smiled and held out his hand but Craig just looked it and laughed again. He shook his head and punched him lightly in the arm.

“See you tomorrow mate.”

“umm thank you for your help today. I shall see you tomorrow.”

“no worries.”

Akarian Rising © Leonnie Turner-Bruce 2013


  • Jennifer Mason Sep 19, 2013

    wow it gets better, cant wait to find out how its all going to end 🙂

    • admin Sep 19, 2013

      Ahh thank you Jen appreciated the feedback. Just wait I have some cracking twists and turns in store hehe. 🙂

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