Akarian Rising – Part 3

Akarian felt miserable all of a sudden. It felt as though he wasn’t in control of his emotions or body. He was still trembling even with the towel over him. The water Craig had given him had helped but he felt he could drink gallons of it. Tiny bee like stings assaulted the inside of his head but no matter how much he cradled his head it wouldn’t relent. He’d never experienced a headache before but he knew humans complained about them all the time. He felt sorry for ever thinking they moaned to much now that he’d felt it first-hand.

“Come on dude let’s get you up.” Craig gripped Akarian’s arm and placed a hand on his back while he helped him to stand. Akarian wobbled a little on unsteady legs before he found his balance. His back felt really strange and uncomfortable, then he realised it was because he no longer had his wings. A sharp pain hit him somewhere in the region of his chest as the loss of his wings fully hit home. Tears sprang unbidden to his eyes forcing him to turn away from Craig. He lowered the towel to his waist and gripped it so tightly his knuckles went white. He’d known what to expect, his mother had told him he would not have his wings so why then did he feel so emotional about it? He shook his head, there would be time to analyse the strange feelings and thoughts going through his head later once the headache had gone and he was alone. For now he would have to deal with it as best he could. He wiped his eyes and flicked his hair away from his forehead.

“Is there a shelter nearby somewhere perhaps I can obtain some clothing? I don’t have any place to go.” His voice was raspy and it hurt to talk but he managed.

“Ummm yeah I guess so Mate so no family or anyone you want me to call?” Akarian looked at him with a solemn face, he was alone.

“No. No one it’s just me.” Craig felt sorry for the guy but not used to this kind of conversation he just cleared his throat and tried to pretend it wasn’t awkward.

“Ok uhh give me two secs.” Craig let go of Akarian but watched him for a second to make sure he wasn’t going to fall over. Once he was satisfied he ran over to the crowd who was still watching them. “Ok people shows over you can do whatever now he’s fine.”
The brunette came forward again.

“You’re sure he’s ok?” Craig studied the girl she was short but slim with a cute chocolate brown bob and big brown eyes.

“Yeah he’ll be fine I’m gonna take him to a shelter or something.” She stepped forward as most of the others began to wander off, clearly the show was over.

“There’s a homeless shelter about 5 minutes away on York road, I can take him there if you want?”

Craig nodded and smiled. “Ok yeah sure lead the way hmm what’s ya name?” She frowned at him, she was incredibly shy and found it difficult to be around other people but something about the stranger made her want to help him.

“My names Cara.” She said in a meek voice.

“Ok Cara I’ll go get Akarian, be right back.” He trotted back to Akarian. “Come on mate we’ve got us a guide to the shelter.”
When the pair made it over to Cara she fidgeted nervously and began twisting strands of her hair around her finger like she’d done as a child. Neither of them said anything to her so she blurted “My names Cara.” In a rather loud voice. Her cheeks then turned bright red and both Craig and Akarian’s head whipped up to look at her.

“Ok babe calm down, I’m Craig this is Akarian, so which way we headed?”

Akarian smiled at the young lady in front of him. “Hello Cara it’s a pleasure to meet you and thank you for your help.” Looking into his incredibly beautiful deep blue eyes she was struck with the notion that he was without a doubt the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen in person and on TV. With his wet hair tousled around his face and a golden tint to his skin he was just beautiful even if his lips were a bit blue from the cold. She coughed suddenly embarrassed at her thoughts. She didn’t know what to say so she just nodded at him and turned away pointing across the road.

“Hold up a sec, Here Akarian take this it will cover your top half at least until we get there.” Akarian was still shivering but Craig had a hoodie in his bag so he handed it to Akarian who began to put it on. A sigh escaped Akarian as he felt the material slide over his skin, it was really soft and warm where it had been in Craig’s bag. “Ahh thank you that’s good.” That was about all he managed to say as his teeth were still chattering.

So on the three of them went towards the shelter. Craig helped Akarian walk by keeping his hand on his elbow. He seemed completely oblivious to things around him and kept walking into bins and stuff because he was staring at people. Craig ignored it most of the time but he pulled him out of harm’s way when he needed it, no Craig’s focus was on Cara. She was a quiet one that was for sure but she was pretty fit if you got over the shy rabbit caught in a headlight thing. He tried to strike up a conversation with her but she just did this weird pinched eye look so he’d retreat again.

Akarian’s body temperature was beginning to rise which meant by the time they arrived at the shelter his teeth had stopped chattering and his body had stopped trembling. He still had a mild headache but it wasn’t as bad as it had been before. The three of them pushed through the glass door into a small foyer. There were flyers and signs everywhere for various charities. The organisation was called HARP. On the reception desk was an old lady with greying hair.

“Hi there kids how can I help you?” Craig frowned ‘kids my arse is she blind?’ he thought to himself but before he could say anything Akarian stepped forward. “Good afternoon my name is Akarian and I’m in need of your assistance.” Mavis stared at Akarian with a big beaming grin on her face, what a polite young man she thought. “Well of course dear why don’t you take a seat with your friends and I’ll have someone come out to see you. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?”

Akarian beamed right back at her, how could his mother think so badly of humans thus far all he’d experienced of them was a willingness to help those in need. Pushing those thoughts out of his head he nodded. “Yes please that would be most appreciated.”

“Well you take a seat right there and I’ll fix you a Mavis special.” She winked at him as she wondered off to make him a cup of tea with 2 sugars and a big doss of milk, on her way she’d get Dave the man in charge. She didn’t ask the other two if they wanted anything as she’d be solely focused on Akarian the gorgeous hunk of a man standing in her foyer.

Craig began to laugh he couldn’t help it. “What is so funny?” asked Akarian.

“You and the old bird your practically flirting its gross haha.” Akarian was frowning ‘flirting what is that’, he thought to himself.

“Craig leave him alone he was only being polite. Umm Akarian I have to leave now but I hope you will be ok, their great here a friend of mine used to volunteer here and stuff so they’re good people.” Akarian had taken a seat but when he heard she was leaving he stood, one hand gripping the towel and the other hand he held out to her. He knew humans shook hands it was part of their greeting and farewell ritual.

“Thank you Cara I owe you a debt of gratitude for helping me today. I hope to see you again soon so I can repay you. Oh was this towel yours do you want it back?” Cara laughed then he was a strange man. She held his hand and shook it briefly before letting go. His hands had been warm and soft to the touch, she sighed she didn’t actually want to leave. Maybe she could pop in and see him again tomorrow she thought.

“You’re welcome and yeah kinda keep it I don’t need it. Umm maybe I’ll drop by tomorrow see how you’re doing. Anyway umm bye, see ya Craig you did a good thing today.” She smiled at him and then turned heading for the door.

“Hey babe wait you gonna come down here tomorrow yeah? Cos I’ll swing by at some point as well ya know if I’m not busy or anything. Is 1pm good for you?” Cara frowned but for a reason she didn’t understand she nodded. “Yeah see you tomorrow.” As Cara left Craig slapped Akarian on the back.

“Ha see that mate practically a fucking date that is, thanks.” Akarian gasped and stared at Craig with wide eyes, he knew what swearing was but it sounded so much more aggressive hearing it first-hand especially when speaking about a lady and why had he struck him? His back was stinging now which only helped to make his head hurt more.

Akarian Rising © Leonnie Turner-Bruce

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