Akarian Rising – Part 2

She held his head in her hands and placed a small kiss on his forehead while whispering to him.

“Remember you asked for this Akarian. You will live as a human with nothing but your knowledge of them. For you to truly glean what it is to be human you must start your journey with nothing.”

A blinding light filled his eyes so he was forced to shut them, the last thing he saw was his mother’s beautiful face as darkness claimed.

When he awoke it was freezing cold, a cold so deep it felt seared into his very bones. Never in his life had he felt this sensation it was frightening. He opened his mouth to draw in air but water rushed in. He choked trying to spit out the water but it filled his mouth again. Where was he? What had happened? He could not remember. Opening his eyes hurt, they began to sting, he was in water that much he knew. Darkness surrounded him, he was so used to light that as the shadows circled him he felt true fear grip him. He kicked with his legs, he’d never swam before but he’d seen humans do it. As his head broke the surface he gasped dragging in huge lungful’s of air but his head sank beneath the surface again. He kicked again finding the whole process frustratingly slow and somewhat painful. Finally he made it to the surface again and continued to kick his feet to keep him afloat. Wind buffeted him as he took in his surroundings. He had no idea how far from the shore he was but he could see it. He started moving towards that unknown land in the distance.

After a while his body began to tire as the waves assaulted him. Every time he tried to breath another wave hit him causing him to swallow more of the horrible water. His eyes hurt so bad that they were watering.

‘Tears I’m crying tears astonishing’ he thought to himself. He had no idea humans were so so, he struggled to think of a word to describe how he felt and then it popped into his head. Fragile. He felt completely and utterly fragile. He was freezing cold, his legs and arms hurt from trying to swim against the current and he had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach like a cramping sensation but he didn’t understand why he was feeling this. Little did he know the salt water was making him nauseous coupled with the fact he was extremely hungry and dehydrated.

However he continued pushing himself and finally after an hour or so of swimming he made it to land. When he felt land beneath his feet he let out a cry. “I made it.” He turned to see where he had come from still shocked how far he’d come but he was here. He lay on the rocky sand for a while catching his breath. His whole body trembled as goose bumps arose on his skin. It was so cold. He turned on his back and looked up at the sky with a small smile on his face. He felt like he had accomplished something.

High above the clouds a single being watched her beloved son. She mirrored the smile on his face. She found it incredibly amusing that he felt a sense of achievement for something so small as swimming for an hour but at the same time she felt humbled by the notion.

Still staring up at the clouds he failed to notice the crowd gathering behind him, whispers and shouts rang out as they stared at the washed up man on the beach. One man named Craig tentatively walked forward, wariness in his gaze. What kind of nut job goes swimming in October and naked? The man couldn’t even begin to guess what the strange golden haired man on the beach was thinking.

“Umm mate are you ok? Your kinda naked and scaring a few of the kids.” Akarian turned his head to look at the man, a big smile on his face. He didn’t register the questions at first but as the realisation that he was naked dawned on him the look on his face turned to one of horror. He looked down at himself, he looked different than he did before, his body was a funny colour and he didn’t glow like he used to.

“I I I” He tried to speak but his teeth were chattering too much to talk.

“Can someone grab me a towel or blanket or something I think he needs help.” Craig called to the crowd. As someone ran into the nearest shop to find something for the stranger on the beach Craig pulled a bottle of water from his bag. “Here take it you look like ya need it mate. So what’s your name?” Akarian accepted the water with a nod and drained the entire bottle in a second. He was really thirsty. His lips were chapped and sore and his throat felt like it was raw meat. He coughed to clear his throat.

“Akarian my names Akarian. Thank you for the water I will repay you for your gratitude.” Craig just stared at him a frown marring his forehead. ‘Akarian what kind of fucked up name is that’ thought Craig. The dude was obviously some kind of whack job meant for the loony bin but still he didn’t walk away. It was at least entertaining, he’d come to Southend to spunk a load of money on the arcades which he did a lot at the moment so it was kinda fun doing something different.

A pretty brunette approached Craig and handed him a large beach towel with Donald duck on it. “Here take this, should I call the police or something?” Craig shock his head, the guy hadn’t done anything yet so there was no need to involve the police for now at least. Plus Craig had a rather large bag of weed on him and he didn’t think the police would take that too kindly.

“No its fine but thanks for the towel.” Turning to Akarian who was now holding his head with his eyes squeezed shut he handed him the towel.

“uhhhhh my head hurts why does my head hurt?” Craig let out a little laugh he couldn’t help it.

“Because you decided to take a swim in freezing cold water while naked in October why would you do that?” Akarian draped the towel over his shoulders and wrapped the ends over his lap covering himself.

Akarian Rising © Leonnie Turner-Bruce

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