Akarian Rising – Part 1

It was often presumed that god was a man but how far from the truth could humans be. God was in fact a woman one with many many children. Some humans worshiped Mother Nature but Mother Nature and god were one and the same.

She had seen eons pass on planet earth but still it pained her as she watched in utter horror as the human race continued to make the same mistakes. The glimmers of hope she had often seen were dwindling like a dying plant starved of water and sunlight. But as much as she wanted to help them it was not within her power to do so nor was it allowed. There were powers in the universe far greater than one god and they dictated that no god could affect the natural order of their worlds no matter how much they may have wished to do so. So she was tasked to simply watch and every time they came close to something special somehow they managed to destroy it and her heart would break all over again. They were the guardians of balance, should the balance be tipped they would intervene. It was true that light and darkness went hand in hand. Without one the other could not exist but she hated seeing how much darkness was in mankind.

Her children who resided at her side constantly questioned her to the point where she had locked herself away but one of her children’s persistence forced her hand. She struck him down and banished him to earth. He had no idea of the cruelty humans were capable of and she felt the only way for him to understand was to show him, to make him witness it, to feel it. It was something she had never allowed before but perhaps it was just a mother trying to protect her children. However all children must grow up one day it was inevitable and so she cast him down stripping his powers and wings. He would be human to all who saw him but within he was so much more. She remembered his eyes as she told him what she was going to do, they shone so brightly like only the innocent can and it pained her. Her heart squeezed so tightly in her chest she thought it would burst.

“Do not thank me my son this is not a gift. You will come to understand the burden on my shoulders. I would have saved you from this but I cannot. Go, watch them see what they do to each other and ask yourself are they worth saving? If we fixed everything wrong in the world would it fix humanity?” He frowned at her not quite understanding her words. He was overjoyed to be going to Earth he’d been begging to do so for centuries but she always refused.

“Well of course it would, if we helped them they would be able to live in peace.” She simply shook her head at him and sighed, tears marred her vision.

“Akarian the issue is not what you think it is, the issue is with mankind itself. They are flawed they treat each other like animals hurting everyone around them, they lust for power and in most cases it corrupts their very souls so that there is nothing left of the people they used to be. Taking away disease, famine, war this would not fix anything. They would find new ways to hurt each other. We have tried intervening before and it only made the situation worst.” The lump in her throat grew so she could not continue.

“But mother if what you say is true then what can be done? Something has to be done the earth is screaming around them?”
“I cannot alter the very fibre of their being Akarian and I feel that that would be the only way to save them and the planet.” Akarian looked at her with wide eyes, she couldn’t mean those words she was just angry, he thought to himself. He would go to earth and when he returned he would tell her everything he saw and she would have no choice but to grant his wish. He had only one wish and that was to help mankind. He found them fascinating; their capacity for love was astonishing to him. He felt they had the potential but they were just on the wrong path, they just needed guidance.

And so with sorrow and despair in her heart she cast her beloved son to Earth where he would reside for 50 years. He would not hear from her or any of his kind until 50 years had passed. She felt this was sufficient time for him to learn his lesson.

Akarian Rising © Leonnie Turner-Bruce

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