21st April 2015 – A day to remember

As some of you will know I began writing a story called Akarian rising. I started the story September 2013. If I am honest I never thought it would ever get finished but on the 21st April 2015 I completed the 1st draft.

The strangest thing for me is that the story was never meant to be more than a short story. I created a digital art piece based on a photo I took in Norway and decided rather than just share the image I would write a short piece to accompany it. From that short piece I received lots of messages asking for more and when would the next part be ready. I was surprised to say the least but also encouraged to write and so I began writing Akarian Rising. Each new instalment received more followers than the last and spurred me on to keep writing. Plots, characters began forming in my mind and the story took off.

I hit a few walls during the 2 year writing period but the most extraordinary thing to me was the support from my fans, they pushed and encouraged me to write more, sometimes going as far as hounding me on Facebook messenger for the next instalment. And so I pushed through the blocks I faced and kept going. Maybe ½ way through I realised I could make this into a full book. I already have 3 other books on the go but I put these to one side due to the complexity of the stories. With Akarian Rising though I had a rough idea where I wanted it to go and with the fans backing me I thought this could be my first completed novel.

With the 1st draft of the book now complete its time for editing. As the story was written for online use there will be changes needed as well as certain parts needing expanding but I’m on a roll and will be self-publishing as soon as it is finished.

I’ve got a photoshoot planned for the book cover and I am so excited. I will be designing the book cover as well as having written it which for me is amazing.

So for all you Akarian Rising fans thank you for your continued support, without you this book would never have been written and I cannot thank you enough. The journey isn’t quite over yet but what a journey it has been. When the book is published (e-book and paperback) I want all your pictures holding your copy.

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  • Ginny May 10, 2015

    I have loved every second of reading this book and litrally cant wait to zee the cover and of course on the book shelves in all the book shops, then meet for dinner and you sign it for me woo hoo a massive wellbdone on a beautifully written book xx

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